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Willwood, or AktiebolagetWillwood, was founded as a strong niche player active in the Forest industry in the Western part of Sweden in 1976. The founders name was Olof Willhelmsson, wherealso the name Will-wood had its original roots from.

Main directions within the forest industry have varied over the past decades, involving round wood, wooden pilesfor constructi­­on an solutions for foundation works as well as sawn wood and finally planing.

Lately,the company started to focusmore ondeeper reprocessing, especially so through the recent acquisition of the historical, and once upon a time the largest Swedish producer of planed products in Kallinge, Blekinge on Sweden’s East coast.

GA-list, or the same as GA mouldings came from the name Geijer and Andersson and the company later changed its name and became famous as a primequality supplier of planed and painted flooring, cladding as well as panels for mainly interior use.Most over the time known under the strong brand name GAPRO.  Having perhaps been a resting, or partly absent brand over the last years, the production staff and machinery is the same and therefore we are glad to announce ,that the GAPRO trademark is today owned by Willwood. Hence future barnding of both interior as well as exterior panels, mouldings as well as quality flooring will be under the GAPRO name. 

Have changed owners several times over the last 10 years, Willwood acquired the exiting machinery and signed a long term lease agreement on the buildings in the beginning of 2021 with a clear plan to return back to basics, and again provide a full range of quality products for European and also North American markets as well as local Scandinavian wholesalers.

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